The Chicago Teachers Union

“Chicago needs elected leaders we can trust who will put the concerns of students and families ahead of politics. Byron has proven his independence and longstanding commitment to ensuring children across the 25th Ward and our city receive the quality of education they deserve, and we are confident that voters who share these concerns will see in him the leadership the ward and the city needs.”

– CTU President Jesse Sharkey

SEIU Local 73

“Byron has a long history of working with the people of the 25th Ward to bring justice and equity to working class and low-income families. I wholeheartedly believe that he represents the independent progressive leadership the 25th Ward deserves.”

President Dian Palmer 

David Orr

Former Cook County Clerk and 49th Ward Alderman

“I am proud to endorse Byron Sigcho-Lopez for 25th Ward Alderman. Byron is a thoughtful, principled advocate who has been at the forefront of decade-long community efforts to expose corruption and serve the needs of 25th Ward residents. His integrity of character and proven independence reflects the leadership we need to meaningfully change the culture of politics in City Hall. He will be a great alderman.”

Luis Gutierrez

Former U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 4th Congressional District

“Byron is a respected community organizer and policy expert with a track record of fighting for political reform. Having represented a diverse district for many years, I know the importance of leaders who bring communities together to address our city’s greatest challenges. I am confident Byron will unite the ward around our shared concerns and fight to reform the culture of politics in Chicago.”

The Gazette Chicago

“Sigcho-Lopez has not been afraid to work on a variety of progressive issues in the community….He has always been accessible to Gazette Chicago in explaining the challenges taking place in Pilsen and surrounding communities and always has given intelligent commentary and insight on a variety of issues. Sigcho-Lopez has been a great community activist, and he’ll be a great alderman. He receives our endorsement.”

Carlos Rosa

35th Ward Alderman 

“We need people with the progressive values and independence that Byron has, but also have the policy experience and expertise to help move forward an agenda that addresses affordability, income inequality, community safety, and so many issues affecting working families in our city.”

Brandon Johnson

Cook County Commissioner, 1st District

“Byron has a well-documented history of working with coalitions to bring justice and equity to working class and low-income families. His leadership reflects the bold new direction needed in City Council. He’s an authentic, people centered courageous leader that I am proud to call my brother. I have no doubt the 25th Ward will have a true champion who will serve the interest of all the ward’s residents.”

Dick Simpson

UIC Professor of Political Science and former alderman of the 44th Ward

“Simply put, the indication of what someone will do in office is what they did before they decided to run for office. When so many people in the community were ignoring Danny Solis’s corruption for their own political gain, Byron was at the forefront of community efforts to bring about transparency and accountability. That takes real courage to challenge an incumbent alderman, and I have no doubt that Byron will be a committed reformer and independent leader in the Chicago City Council.”

Byron has also received endorsements from:

  • The Democratic Socialists of America 
  • The Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization 
  • The 25th Ward Independent Political Organization
  • Network for Public Education Action
  • The University of Illinois Chicago Young Democratic Socialists of America